Thursday, December 27, 2007

the wedding is only 9 days away. yes i'm freaking out. i'm wondering what else could possible go wrong. a few weeks ago my best man backed out because his wife won't let him come. then i'm not getting responses from hardly any of my sent invitations.
and then Kira called me today, while out visiting her parents. it seems she decided that she can't handle the music. the music that she was required to play in 9 days!!! oh ... my ... gosh. it seems at least that she got a replacement for herself. someone that plays with the toledo symphony or so. either way, i am beyond frustrated. this simply isn't something that i should have to be stressing out over. i'm already worried about where i can stash half of my life while i fill my governement required wife duties by living with david. i can't wait to be living with him, but i do hate having to give up school for a while.
It seems that miss Kira is really serious about moving out to Colorado with her parents. if that is the case, i'm going to try an get one other roommate and just rent the house from them. that would so be great. even it if isn't Andrea from my program, there is the whole group, ok 3 people, from they next group that might need a place to stay. if that is the case, i'm going to just keep all my extra stuff in the back of the basement i think.


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At 11:08 AM, Blogger bineta said...

ok don'tbe worried that is bad luck for the reltion ship and the less fun for your wedding make sure your groom doesn't see your is going to go well and if you leave your stuff in the basement it is going to smell and have spiders in it or bugs i guess.........


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