Thursday, January 31, 2008

I called Goebel on sunday night. Not for any particular reason other than I thought of him and wanted to say hi.

Turns out that his grandma had died and he had been in the hospital. None of these facts he had cared to tell me, except till I called and asked him how he was.
I was really offended, but i guess it is time for us to end our friendship. If you can call it a friendship.
I think i'm upset becaue I was really trying not to continuesly mention that I got married. I mean, I didn't change my profile pictures, I didn't update about it much. I was really trying to be nice about it.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger bineta said...

if he didn't tell you don't ru sh him to maybe he doesn't want to talk about it with anyone make him feel like good for once talk to him everyday go out for lunch stuff like that you want to be there for him not a friend or x friend that leaves him behind make him feel like he should be happy his grandmother went too a wonderful place but you don't want him to think she is coming back don't comfort him 2 much comfort him a little.......


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