Monday, September 17, 2007

So, on wednesday of last week, I learned a few very important lessons.
1. If you think you are dehydrated, you already are
2. Stop before you actually fall down
3. We have cute male doctors and nurses at UT's ER
4. They have a white board just like on the medical TV shows.

I of course learned all these lessons the hard way, and now owe the hospital $100 for my co-pay. which i hear isn't that bad, but is bad enough for me.

i have an anatomy exam next week, but i'm in luck, my coloring book just came in the mail. that makes me happy. now where did i put my colored penciles??

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i have been thinking about Brad again lately

i have been thinking about Brad again lately. i know i shouldn't, but i can't help it ... yup, that is the excuse i'm using.
we spent almost an hour after work on the roof just enjoying the night and the stars. both agreeing that it would be a great night to lay out and just make out with some one for the whole night. we talked about nothing and everything. i love those kinds of conversations.
i know he isn't the guy for me (too timid), but he would make a great friend and he does need a great girl