Monday, July 31, 2006

a thought

In high school, I was always the chaser. I don't know of any guy that was interested in me other than Andrew. And even while he was a great guy, I didn't feel wanted all the time. That is kinda how I feel now.
A week from Friday, in 11 days, I get to go and pick up Dave. yay. But when he gone, I feel so lonely. Even when we talk on the phone, he is distant. He doesn't like phones and never has anything to say. We don't even have a spontaneous conversation. I miss that, I just miss being wanted.
Goebel wants me to come and see him this weekend. I know I shouldn't see him, and I don't think I will. I actually think that I will be good. I keep telling myself that I learned my lesson, but I still want to be held. I still want him to kiss me the way that he does. I just want to be wanted.

it is amazing how much stalking can be done with
and it would seem that all the popular people are having Jackson reunions and i'm not invited. not that i'm surprised though.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

expensive art

So, outside my door, on campus, they are having "Art on the Mall". In support of all the starving artists, I went and had a look around. and was hoping to get some Christmas shopping done too.
But to no avail. While the event was on a college campus, there was nothing there in the price range of a college student.
I will admit, the colored glass was very pretty, but not worth 50 bucks as a gift for someone who might not even use it anyway. But there were enough rich Ottawa Hills ladies there making enough purchases for everyone.