Monday, August 20, 2007

once again, today was my first day of school, in theory at least. I'm not sure if i am signed up for classes or not, but i know there are forms that i know i still need to have filled out. so i won't technically be taking classes till all forms are filled out.
i'm still not quite sure how it all works out.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

yet i'm still not sure ...

we are getting married. i'm excited. but i'm also wondering if i'm making the right decision. i don't know who i can talk to about it. i wish i could talk to Cait, but she is frustrated enough with her relationship. i can't talk to Goebel, i know what answer I will get.
I don't really have any adult friends that are more my friend than anyone else's.
i just wish i knew if this was what i was really supposed to do.

I do have an amazing idea for the cake though, a Mars cake. complete with Dave and I in space suits, Marvin doing the ceramony, Gulliver and Mia the cats in little space suits, K-9 (Marvins dog) and a Mars Rover in attendance. What I want is amazing, i just have to convice the cake making people of it.

i have bought a vail, but so far that is the only part, apart from the deposit for the reception. i wish i could buy more, but i don't have any money, nor credit on my card. my school loans haven't kicked in yet because i'm missing paper work for grad school.